Here are

Data Manangament

services that WILL save your ORGANIZATION

Preparation is the best form of defense. Are you prepared?

Your organization’s data┬áis the most valuable assest. This includes records and information that you create, collect, store, and exchange with other parties.

Safeguarding it from loss, corruption and unauthorized access by internal or external sources protects your organization from financial loss, reputation damage, consumer confidence disintegration, and brand erosion.

Our integrated data governance solution helps organizations effectively curate and manage their data.

Managed Data Backups

Digitalizing and Achieving of Records

Data Replication and Restoration


Offsite Data Backup

Web App & Cloud Server Host

Data Breach Management


Assessment & Containment


Risk Mitigation & Prevention

Evaluation & Response

Data Recovery Management

Site Setup

System Config & Deployment

Fail-over Strategy

Real-time Monitoring

Data Analysis


Network Performance

Internet Usage Analysis

Systems Analysis

Collective Data Analysis

Data Formating